Dr. Warren Pryor and student doing research for a project.

Dr. Warren Pryor Freshwater Ecology

Professor Pryor’s research revolves around freshwater ecology. Recently, the focus has been aimed at mussels and their extirpation due to degraded water quality. Professor Pryor’s team has documented 30 mussel species in Allen County, Ind., including two federally endangered species. The team continues to collect water quality data in the St. Joseph River and at Crooked Lake. St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative provides some of the results from work with local freshwater mussels.

Mussel Geeks’ work at Crooked Lake on September 2, 2017

Species Tagged 2011-2015 Tagged June 2017 Recaptured
Lampsilis siliquoidea 51 43 25
Ligumia subrostrata 1 1 1
Elliptio dilatata 2 2 1
Pyganodon grandis 8 0 0
Totals 62 46 27