Travel Opportunities

Students in the Bahamas doing research.

Our students have the unique opportunity to explore their fields across the country and even overseas. They can participate in on-location research and exploration to study disciplines like geology and species diversity far from home. Students can even course credits as they complete research in diverse settings with individual support from our professors.


For over 30 years, USF students have been completing research at the Andros Island Forfar Field Station. Andros Island is home to the third largest barrier reef in the world. During your time in the Bahamas, you’ll get to study island ecosystems, marine biology, and ornithology. Our long standing relationship with Forfar Field Station makes USF an international authority on coral reef biology.

Costa Rica

This trip focuses on leatherback turtle populations. Students collaborate with local Leatherback Trust science teams to complete “nest explorations.” They look for turtle nests, study the nests, and help hatchlings get to the ocean. 

Southern Appalachians

During this trip, you will practice living “off the grid,” as many field researchers do. You will practice working as a team to explore the Pigeon Forge area while hiking the Appalachian Mountains.

Northern Rockies (Mostly Colorado)

While in the Northern Rockies, you will practice observing large mammals. You will learn to identify their habitats, and study the ecosystems where they live. This region is home to moose and elk.

Southwest Field Studies (Colorado and Utah)

The southwest field studies trip focuses on studying ecosystems in the southwest region of the United States. You’ll go hiking in the Grand Canyon, and other sites in southern Utah.


Students travel to Haiti to learn more about practicing medicine in developing countries. The relationships we’ve built with Haitian humanitarian organizations gives our students access to a variety of underserved patients, providing a unique hands-on learning experience.