After Graduation

Students participating in USF Earth day by planting trees.

Companies and graduate schools need people with a diverse set of skills. Our biology program gives you a range of skills that will help you in whatever career you decide to pursue, even if you change your mind years after you graduate.

Recent Graduates

Meghan Kelley, 14, Paramedic Megan Kelly, '14

Paramedic, Parkview Regional Medical Center
Fort Wayne, IN

Kathryn McBride, '09 - Environmental Biologist Kathryn McBride, '09

Environmental Biologist, City of Cape Coral
Cape Coral, FL

Alexandra Meyer, 15 - Purdue Grad School Alexandra Meyer, '15

Graduate School, Purdue University
Lafayette, IN

  • Ashley Cross, '16, First Year Pharmacy Student, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Alexandria (Wright) Russell, '14, Manager, Indianapolis, IN
  • Brooke Weaver, '14, Clinical Lab Scientist, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Rebecca Esterline, '13, Marine Mammal Trainer, Orlando, FL

Job Titles from Graduates

  • Lab manager
  • Public health manager
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Wildlife biologist
  • Healthcare professional
  • Conservationist
  • Teacher (requires additional licensure)

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