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For the last ten years, every person who went through our program – who wanted to go to graduate school – got into an advanced program. It’s because we’re good at what we do. We provide a flexible set of courses that allow you to focus on what you love about biology. Our professors get to know you so we can make sure your skills and passions match up with what we know about job requirements in the field that interests you.

Your Academic Roadmap

The academic roadmap will give you a general idea of what each year will be like. Each program has specific degree requirements and the curriculum plans offer a year-by-year breakdown of courses.


Laying the Foundation

In the first year, your classes establish a broad foundation of biology skills. You’ll begin to master fundamental principles and recognize the unifying concepts of biology.

Core Courses
  • Principles of Biology
  • Biology Seminar


Beginning the Fundamentals

In the second year, you will work in several fundamental areas, including molecular biology, genetics, environmental sciences, ecology and physiology. You’ll also grow a level of comfort with investigating and communicating scientific information.

Core Courses
  • Principles of Chemistry
  • Genetics


Primary Field of Interest

In your third year, you will identify your primary field of interest. USF’s Biology program recognizes that the field of biology grows so fast that no one person can master all aspects. Therefore, we emphasize developing collaborative learning and investigative efforts.

Core Courses
  • Major Directed Electives
  • Ecology and Diversity



Conduct Research

In your upper-division courses, opportunities exist to conduct original research alongside your professors. As part of your work this year, you’ll apply your mathematical and statistical skills to evaluate biological data and perform original research.

Core Courses
  • Senior Capstone

Learn by Doing

Our on campus labs mirror what you’d find in any hospital or scientific lab. Our field equipment allows you to do your own research. Hands-on experiences give you better understanding. They connect you to your content.

  • Cadaver lab for undergraduate students
  • Travel for field research, both nationally and internationally
  • Team based assignments teach valuable leadership and communication skills

TEST IMAGE - Chem Beakers

Outside the Classroom

Biology focuses on giving you professional skills you’ll need to be successful in your career. We make sure you’re getting plenty of opportunity to practice what you’re learning in the classroom. All biology students participate in weekly Science Seminars, where regional professionals come in and share their experience. You could participate in internships with local doctors, veterinarians, or lab specialists. You could also do research in our on-campus field research stations.

The flexibility allows you to become an expert in the career field of your choice.

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