USF student nursing plants in the greenhouse on campus.


A minor in Biology can complement a variety of majors. Students in majors like education, who want a deeper understanding of the biological sciences than they would get in their required coursework, pre-professional students who wish to major in a non-science area, business students pursuing careers in biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries, students in journalism or strategic communications, and many more can benefit from the additional education that the biology minor provides.

Recent years have also seen dramatic changes in the methods and techniques used in biological research, resulting in dramatic changes in our understanding of biology at all levels, from molecular to global. Understanding current research methods will also translate to better understanding of other academic fields.

The requirements for a Biology minor will expose you to the basics of Biology as well as some more advanced coursework. Students must complete 18-21 credit hours to obtain a minor in Biology.

Environmental Science

Environmental concerns have become part of every facet of modern life. The minor in Environmental Studies is designed to provide students with the opportunity to become knowledgable in a range of environmental topics, whether as private citizens in their daily lives or as professional members of corporate, government, legal, medical, and educational circles. The minor draws on topics and perspectives from the natural and physical sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities to address current environmental issues and problems. Students taking the minor are encourage to integrate the program with their major of study focus in order to gain a competitive advantage in grappling with environmental topics.

Environmental Science minor will include fundamental biology courses along with more advanced Environmental Science courses and 11-13 hours of additional selected science courses. A student must complete 20 credit hours to obtain a minor in Environmental Science.