Biology Careers

First destinations for recent alumni

Manchester University Master’s in Pharmacogenetics – Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – Fort Wayne

USF Physician Assistant Master’s Program – Fort Wayne

Purdue University Ph.D. Biochemistry Program – West Lafayette, Indiana

Our programs

Upon graduation, biology majors are prepared for careers in research laboratories, environmental laboratories, conservation-related fieldwork, and other fields.  At least one-third continue their education in either graduate or professional school, pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.

But here’s what YOU need to do in preparation for these jobs:

Students gain the best opportunities if they participate heavily in paid internships, service, research, and campus club activities. Internship are especially important, especially paid internships. We’ll help you find these internships.

The faculty advisers help students design a course of study that aligns with their interests and goals and find internships.  A series of extremely popular Earth science field trips to the Bahamas, Rocky Mountains, southern Appalachians, and other sites rounds out the curriculum.