Environmental Jobs

First destinations for recent alumni

Winergy (full-time continuing position) – Fort Wayne, occupational health

College of William and Mary (graduate school for M.S.) – Williamsburg, Virginia, environmental physiology of invertebrates

Thomas More College Research Station on the Ohio River (summer internship) Cincinnati, Ohio, fish ecology and conservation

Little River Wetlands Project (summer internship)Fort Wayne, prairie and wetlands restoration

Allen County Department of Health (full-time continuing) – Fort Wayne, mosquito control

There are no jobs in the environment?

Think again. Environmental jobs are surprisingly abundant in the Fort Wayne area and those far afield. Jobs in the local area are especially abundant for work in environmental compliance, health, and safety, but jobs near and far can be found in:

  • laboratory analysis,
  • water quality,
  • water filtration,
  • environmental education,
  • recycling,
  • protecting rare species,
  • environmental consulting (for example: preparing environmental impact analyses at building sites, checking underground wells for contamination, running tests on ventilation systems in laboratories and hospitals)
  • park and refuge work,
  • environmental law,
  • retail and small business,
  • environmental compliance (helping organizations protect worker and community health by making sure institutions comply with environmental regulations),
  • sustainable farming,
  • sustainable forestry,
  • research,
  • restoration,
  • limnology,
  • solid waste management,
  • teaching elementary, high school, college,
  • installing lake front protection,
  • wildlife management,
  • community organizing,
  • city planning,
  • emergency response,
  • landscape architecture,
  • cleaning up lakes choked with algae,
  • hazardous materials,
  • windmill and solar panel installation,
  • sustainability,
  • environmental ethics,
  • website design,
  • planning destination weddings,
  • and a myriad of other possibilities.

What organizations support these jobs?

Opportunities are available with:

  • private industries,
  • consulting firms,
  • universities and schools at all levels,
  • nature centers,
  • zoos and gardens,
  • churches,
  • federal, state, and local governments,
  • non-profits,
  • and businesses of all sizes.

But here’s what YOU need to do in preparation for these jobs:

Students gain the best opportunities if they participate heavily in paid internships, service, research, and campus eco activities. Internship are especially important, and required in our programs. In fact, to have the best chances at jobs you’ll need more than one internship, ideally paid internships. But don’t stress. We’ll help you find these internships.

The faculty advisers help students design a course of study that aligns with their interests and goals and find internships.  A series of extremely popular Earth science field trips to the Bahamas, Rocky Mountains, southern Appalachians, and other sites rounds out the curriculum.

2013E&D Buckner

Students assessing wildlife quality for a wildlife management plan, Buckner Park.