Eco Club


Emily Richardson (right) preparing door prizes for 2016 Earth Day Eco Fair, with Ellen Robbins (left).  Note this year’s tee shirt, which read, Turnip It’s Earth Day.

Officers for 2015-16

Emily Richardson (President), Andrew Smith (Secretary), Michael Doust (Treasurer)

Officers for 2016-17

Now taking nominations (contact Dr. Lou Weber)


(above) 2016 Earth Day Eco Fair, a Rough-legged Hawk and its keeper visit from Soarin’ Hawk.

Faculty Advisors

Dr. John Zimmerman, Dr. Lou Weber

Activities for 2015-16

  • provided a booth at Arbor Day Festival held at Parkview Field, Tin Caps Stadium – made maple syrup and taught xylem/phloem
  • planted 22 hardwood trees at Trinity Grove on campus for Earth Day
  • provided an Eco Fair on campus for Earth Day
  • provided an Earth Day address by David Radcliff and dinner
  • went hiking at Turkey Run State Park
  • held at least five plant sales
  • maintained Achatz greenhouse as volunteers
  • weeded the restored prairie on campus
  • weeded the bird garden and rain gardens on campus
  • weeded the wooded area on campus
  • held a concession stand on a football Saturday
  • helped mulch trails during New Student Orientation
  • provided an Eco Club booth during New Student Orientation


Eco Club member, Andrew Smith, promoting forest health at the 2016 Arbor Day Festival.


Eco Club members Caren Hernandez and Emina Kostic drawing wildflowers during a 2016 hike to Turkey Run State Park.